Benefits of Radiant Heat

  1. 1. Low Voltage Heat Benefits
  2. Tahoe Radiant provides a luxury you don't want to live without!
    Imagine stepping out of the shower on a frosty morning onto inviting 85 degree tile. Think of walking barefoot on your warmed hardwood kitchen floor while snowflakes fall outside. Tahoe Radiant adds elegant warmth to your home and comfort to your life by using the latest technology in floor and space radiant heating systems.
  3. 2. Comfortable
  4. Let your bare feet soak up the warmth of soothing heat without the dust and noise associated with other heating sources. Enjoy evenly distributed heat throughout your home kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and basement.
  5. 3. Custom Designed
  6. Whether for supplemental floor warming, or total space heating, every system is custom designed to fit all rooms independent of their shape or size. These systems will heat under any surface including marble, slate, carpet, hardwood and tile. The compact Control Box will hang on the wall of your garage or in a utility room. No heating vents or ducts will be seen, and no furnace or boiler is required.
  7. 4. Perfect for Remodeling and Additions
  8. The simplicity of the low voltage heating element makes this system incredibly easy to install in your remodeling or room addition application. No floor buildup is necessary and no additional construction costs are incurred. The unique heating element can also be installed in between floor joists to heat an existing floor or room.
  9. 5. Safe
  10. So safe, in fact that nails, water, and even touching the heating element during operation will have no harmful effect! You will have peace of mind while loved ones play as the systems are tested to UL standards and run on worry-free, low-voltage energy (8 to 32 V.).
  11. 6. Reliable
  12. The solid-state heating systems are virtually maintenance free and the heating element is backed with a 25 year industry-leading warranty. With no moving parts and advanced self-diagnosing technology, there is no need for yearly maintenance or service checks.
  13. 7. Efficient
  14. Radiant heat is the most efficient form of heat available. Significantly less operating time is required to maintain the desired warmth compared to furnaces and other radiant heat systems, keeping operational costs to a minimal. Low-voltage radiant heating systems run 98% to 100 % efficiency at any elevation as they evenly heat every area of the room.
  15. 8. Convenient
  16. Our accurate thermostats allow you to easily adjust the floor or air temperature of your space heating or floor warming system. You also have the option of programming the exact time of day you want your radiant heat system to operate. Simply relax, enjoy the comfort, and know that your radiant heat system will work for decades to come.

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