ZMesh Underfloor Heating and Roof Deicing

ZMesh Heating ElementZMesh is a 9 or 12 inch wide bronze screen or mesh heating element used for in floor total space heating,under floor heating, and roof deicing. ZMesh can be installed under roofing and under all floor coverings including carpet, hardwood, tile and slate. ZMesh's performance is also perfect for your remodeling/retrofit applications.

ZMesh is designed to be installed under the floor covering such as hard wood flooring, carpet, tile, linoleum/vinyl, and marble and it can be NAILED or STAPLED through.

For Snow and Ice Melting applications, you can install ZMesh under shingles, membranes, or any non-conductive shingle. ZMesh can be stapled and nailed right through for easy installation. In addition, surface buildup is not necessary with ZMesh.

The ZMesh heating systems provide innovative methods for radiant heating. Utilizing state of the art components and low-voltage electricity, ZMesh is virtually maintenance free, and operates safely and efficiently. ZMesh includes a 25 year warranty and is engineered to provide simple and problem-free solutions. Our low-voltage ZMesh has been in use since 1978.

ZMesh under floor heating
ZMesh Roof Deicing
ZMesh installed on plywood subfloor with wood directly on top. ZMesh can also be installed under tile, carpet, floating or engineered floors as well as retrofit in the floor joists.. ZMesh is installed on the subroof and covered with a layer of ice and water shield for Roof Deicing Applications. Nails are not a problem with this outstanding heating element.

Sample Power Requirements for ZMesh Products
Area Breaker Requirement
21 - 100 sq. ft. 120 v. 20 amp
100 - 300 sq. ft. 240 v. 20 amp
300 - 740 sq. ft. 240 v. 30 amp

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