Roof Heat Tracing and Gutter Melt Deicing

A leaky roof is often the result of ice and snow build-up inside gutters or along the roof’s edge. These ice dams create pressure on roofing material, lifting and damaging them. When warming temperatures or rising heat melts the ice and snow, the water has no path to the gutter or downspout — it is blocked by the icy buildup — and has nowhere to go but inside your house, where water damage can occur. We offer under shingle roof deicing products using Tuff Cable and ZMesh but to keep the water flowing to the ground we have something for the gutter too.

GutterMelt heating cable is the perfect solution for eliminating ice buildup and freezing raingutters. It can be easily applied anywhere to prevent melting snow and ice from penetrating roof surfaces and refreezing, lifting shingles, pulling gutters away, and breaking gutters and downspouts.

Ice and Snow can cause damage to your home. Ice buildup (Ice Damming) can lift shingles allowing moisture to enter your home.
(Illustration: Bryce Lee)

Power Requirements for Floorizwarm Systems
Area Breaker Requirement
15 - 110 sq. ft. 120 v. 20 amp
111 - 200 sq. ft. 240 v. 20 amp
201 - 485 sq. ft. 240 v. 30 amp

Tuff Cable
Small Area Warming
Gutter Melt Heat Trace
Activation Devices

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