Small Area Radiant Floor Heating

Floorizwarm in floor heating kit Is there a place in your home that is always cold? Is it a bathroom or tile entry-way? Our small area floor warming systems are designed to take the chill out of hard floor coverings. From tile to wood, you’ll be able to find the right application for your home. The luxury of warm floors is just a few steps away. These systems are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms. Floorizwarm Systems are low voltage and can be installed SAFELY in the shower.

If you wish to heat an area between 15 and 110 sq. ft., the Floorizwarm system is perfect for you. This product is designed so that almost any homeowner can install it. We recommend, however, that a certified electrician hook up the power to the system.

Heatwave Heated Floor Mat
Heatwave Heated Floor Mat is an easy and perfect product for smaller areas throughout your home.


Heatwave mats are a line voltage floor warming system. They come in 1 to 3 foot widths with a variety of lengths. For the price, small area cold floors no longer stand a chance. Heatwave mats are a simple plug and play system. With the Heatwave Mat you can heat small areas around 6sqft to very large areas by using multiple mats.




Power Requirements for Floorizwarm Systems
Area Breaker Requirement
15 - 110 sq. ft. 120 v. 20 amp
111 - 200 sq. ft. 240 v. 20 amp
201 - 485 sq. ft. 240 v. 30 amp

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