Activation Devices

Our activation devices are designed to operate your radiant heating systems with out the touch of a button. Imagine a gigantic snowstorm is hitting your area overnight while you are sleeping. After you wake up, you look out your window and to your surprise, you find a fresh three-foot blanket of snow. Your driveway is clear, and there are no ice-dams forming on your roof. You take a deep sigh of relief, because you're home where your feet will stay warm. While the rest of your neighbors are shoveling snow, you can enjoy your life. This is the convenience our activation devices will deliver.

Arial Snow Sensor Pavement Sensor

The snow sensors provide ease of life when it comes to snow removal. Weather for your drive way or roof we have a sensor that will fit your life style. With the right combination of moisture in the air and temperature a snow sensor will turn your radiant system on. Let your radiant snow melting system do all the work, while you enjoy the beautiful scenery from inside your house.

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Activation Devices

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