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Started in 2007 to offer prompt and reliable service for the Lake Tahoe region we have grown since to meet the demands of our area. We offer heated driveway snow melt systems, roof deicing and roof ice melt systems, and interior radiant floor heating systems in the Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas.

We are a HEATIZON systems Stocking Distributor and Certified Installer 

Using Heatizon’s revolutionary low voltage radiant heating products, we take pride in the quality of workmanship that we deliver to our many happy customers. With the massive snow loads in the Tahoe area many precautions have to be taken in order to prevent a custom home from leaking. Ice dams are difficult to prevent and can ruin the custom work so frequently seen in the Lake Tahoe area. With Heatizon, those problems are eliminated when these unique products melt the snow before an ice dam can even begin to form.

Roof de-icing is not the only application Heatizon’s products tackle. We can install systems to melt snow on drive ways, walk ways, or simply heat the floor or living space of homes.

Our extensive understanding of snow country and the problems it creates has been the cornerstone of our Heatizon business. This knowledge has allowed us to service our customer in the Lake Tahoe and Northern California area by solving numerous problems with roof ice dams, driveways snow problems and cold floors. We are experienced with Heatizon products and are very comfortable with their entire line of applications. We would love to work with you and your needs so please contact us to experience our top quality service for yourself.

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