Radiant Floor Heating for the Lake Tahoe area

Floor warming is considered by many to be a luxury, but those who have it in their homes will say it's nothing less than essential. Heated Floors make surfaces such as hard wood and tile comfortable to walk on barefoot, and can save you money with their low energy requirements. Our low-voltage floor heating systems conform to UL safetly standards, and are far more efficient than air-blown or Hydronic heating methods. We make it possible to be comfortable and save money.

The products we use are the highest quality, highest safety rated, and most effective, such as Zmesh and Tuff Cable from Heatizon Systems.

Do you have a place in your home such as a basement or workshop that never seems to stay warm? Talk to our friendly sales associates and start living in comfort. Submit a bid today, or call our Toll Free number: (530) 582-0524

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