Radiant Heat Applications

Click the images below to see different ways to use radiant heat.
Tahoe Radiant has the experience, and the best products to fill your radiant heating needs.

Roof Heating
Protect your home:
  • Prevents Damage
  • Out of Sight
  • Melts Snow
  • Prevents Ice Dams
Concrete/Pavement Heating
Better than shoveling:
  • Driveways
  • Tire Tracks
  • Walkways
  • Sport Courts
Floor Warming
Enjoy greater comfort:
  • No more Cold Floor!
  • Great for hard wood, tile, slate, carpet, etc.
Space Heating
Entire Room Heating:
  • Hot air rises, don't let your feet get cold.
  • Thermostat gauges temperature of room, and floor heating adjusts to compensate

Gutter Melt

  • Prevent Ice Dams
  • Avoid leaks caused from ice and snow damage.
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